Campfire Sht Show

The Persian Medium Is Living Large, Solving Crimes & Talking To Dead People.

Episode Summary

Beau 'Bones' Hufford and Meryl 'The Monster" Klemow present a special Campfire Sht Show Halloween episode this week, talking spooky sht and ghost sightings with our most haunted guest yet Fia Johannson, known as the Persian Medium! Fia is a world-famous celebrity psychic medium, holistic healer, and works closely with police officers and enforcement across the U.S. to help find missing people. We talk with Fia about tips to manifest more money, when she first learned about her gift of seeing and communicating with spirits beyond this realm, a few real-life ghost hunting examples, and why you never want to mess with a medium. Fia also shares what's up with her new book out soon, Success Strategies, that she has Co-Authored with Best-Selling Author Jack Canfield.